"For years I have felt that a visit to Christ Church, Lancaster County had the powerful effect of cleansing my soul. It's nothing to do with God; rather, it is the refinement of which Man is ultimately capable. I've also felt that, like those rare works of art of exquisite proportion and purity of form, it has the capacity to restore my eyes back to true freshness. For me, it is akin to the effect of one of those wondrous works of nature in America's West."

At Historic Christ Church & Museum you will discover one of America's great buildings. This National Historic Landmark is a must-see destination for fans of architecture and history. Located in Lancaster County, Virginia in the Chesapeake Bay’s Northern Neck, this area is among the nation's most scenic and historic destinations with bucolic landscapes, vibrant small towns, and maritime activities.

Commissioned by Robert "King" Carter and completed in 1735, Christ Church is the most finely crafted and best preserved parish church from colonial Virginia. A monumental and sophisticated brick building, it was no doubt an astonishing sight for eighteenth-century Virginians. Today, the historic site features tours of the church, an interactive musuem, gift shop, and conference center. It serves as a venue for special events, living history, concerts, school and summer programs, research, community gatherings, and continuing education for all ages.

Established in 1958, the Foundation for Historic Christ Church is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and the governing body of Historic Christ Church & Museum. Its mission is to preserve and interpret this national treasure, to celebrate its community, and to share its heritage through education, history, and scholarship.

Your support of this important landmark of Virginia's historic legacy is vital. Please visit the church and museum and consider donations and gifts. There are a broad range of options to contribute to the preservation of this landmark and the museum’s exciting educational and cultural programs. One of the best ways to support Historic Christ Church & Museum is by becoming a volunteer. And you can always support us by coming to the many fun events we organize throughout the year.