Donate to Historic Christ Church & Museum

The strength of the Historic Christ Church & Museum rests in you, our supporters, who help fund our mission to preserve and interpret this unique heritage and nationally significant church. For nearly 300 years, this building has been an icon of the Northern Neck. Today, our goal is to make this landmark site an even more vibrant part of the community, where history not only lives, it comes alive.

Your gift is an investment that will yield tangible results: more education programs for adults and children; new exhibits and events; increased audiences; partnerships with local businesses; bricks-and-mortar projects; and making a difference for a treasured community landmark.

We welcome friends old and new, established families and newcomers, young and old, working and retirees, to support our efforts to continue and expand our legacy of excellence and success in uncertain economic times.

Why give to Historic Christ Church & Museum?

  • You will be preserving for future generations one of America's great buildings, which stands virtually unchanged since 1735.
  • As a 501c(3) non-profit, we rely on gifts and donations for our programs, services and events, not government funding. And donations are tax-deductible!
  • With education at the core of our mission, your support will enhance programs and exhibits for people of all ages and expand our reach into the community.
  • We are an established destination for tourists and locals alike, which brings spin-off dollars to our community businesses such as lodging, restaurants and shops.
  • We promise you will have fun at our special events, meet new friends, and celebrate the quality of life in the Northern Neck. Raise a glass of craft beer, enjoy concerts in the church and attend festive parties.