MISSION: To preserve Christ Church, Lancaster County, Virginia, and its ancient churchyard in its dignity and beauty, to care for its surroundings, and to record and tell its history and that of its people, in order that this legacy of our common heritage may be a source of learning and inspiration.






  1. Maintain the highest standard of historic preservation and stewardship.
  2. Strive for truth in historical research and presentations through high standards of evidence and justification.
  3. Promote quality, honesty, vitality and innovation in education, interpretation and publishing.
  4. Cultivate and celebrate the insight, energy and talent of dedicated volunteers.

VISION: The Foundation for Historic Christ Church strives to function as a model of excellence among stewards of National Historic Landmarks by: sharing its knowledge broadly with the general public and scholars; welcoming local, national and international visitors; utilizing current technology and media; and preserving the site as a place of beauty, inspiration and interment.

Established in 1958 by concerned volunteers who recognized the importance of Christ Church, the Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, non-demoninational organization dedicated to preservation, education, and research. The Foundation is the governing body of Historic Christ Church & Museum, which is the name of the site.  

The Foundation's board of directors has consistently demonstrated its 100 percent commitment to financial support at multiple levels: preservation projects; research; interpretation of the religious, social, political, and cultural history of the period; the museum; guided tours; and an array of educational programs and special events. Our board members invite you to join them and make a difference today and for generations to come.