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   A Collection Transcribed
        and Digitized
   by Edmund Berkeley, Jr.

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Letter from Robert Carter to Micajah Perry, [August 27, 1728]

     Robert Carter writes to London merchant Micajah Perry, [August 27, 1728], to remind him that merchant dward Randolph is to give him money due Carter from Robert Bolling. He also writes that funds accruing from his ownership of the Lloyd estate he would like to leave invested in Perry's hands at 4 per cent interest.

Letter from Robert Carter to Micajah Perry, [August 27, 1728]

-1 -

[Rappahannock, Lancaster County, Virginia]

              Added to Mr. Perry of the 7th. Augst: Six Sides back

     any Credit for the money I expected would be paid to you from Mr. Edwd.
I have already told you the Story Colonel Bolling Sent 67 hogsheads
to him the produce of which was Two hundred & thirty 1 pounds which
Randolph acquainted him Should be paid to my order and I have
given you directions already to receive it however it may not be a
miss to Send you an order upon him for it, which I do here Enclose
desiring it may be paid to you,

      Supposing I am Master of the LLs Estate I think I
may fairly reckon I Shall have Two thousand pounds in your hands
to be put out to Interest and I am very willing it Should lie in your hands
at 4 per cent which I cannot but think it may be of Advantage to you I know
I can let it out in Parcels upon good Security here at 6 per cent but I had
rather it Should remain Entire Together you know what a poor trade
we have at this time and how great a family I have to provide for
and how Incumbent upon me it is to go into all the fair measures I
can to make provision for my Younger Children I shall leave it here
& Conclude at present

              Sir --
                  Your most humble Servant

I find my news for the last year Cost
me Six pound the Mercurys and the
Monthly Catalogues are of no use to me, I desire [in the fu] ture you Send
me only the Political States and the Evening Post
per Capt. Willcox


Source copy consulted: Robert Carter Letter Book, 1727 April 13-1728 July 23, Carter Family Papers, Virginia Historical Society, Richmond. This letter appears in the letter book with others of this date. No letter to Perry of August 7th is extant, but a missing page in the letter book might have borne it.

Robert Carter generally used a return address of "Rappahannock" for the river on which he lived rather than "Corotoman," the name of his home, on his correspondence, especially to merchants abroad. The county and colony have been added for clarity to the heading on the draft.

[1] "Edward Randolph (October 1690-post 1756), sometimes referred to as Edward Randolph of Bremo, was a ship captain, a London tobacco merchant, and the seventh and youngest son of William Randolph and Mary Isham." He was cited in York County records in 1740: "Edward Randolph of London, mercht, now residing in Virginia, devisee under the will of Graves Pack. . . ." He was bankrupt by 1732 and Benjamin Harrison IV was among those who sued him. ( "Edward Randolph " in a carefully-footnoted Wikipedia article ; and "Charges Against Spotswood," Virginia Magazine of History and Biography 4[Apr., 1897]:357. )

[2] "Robert Bolling [1682-1749],the 2nd, was the oldest son of Robert Bolling and Anne Stith. He was born January 25, 1682 and died in 1749. He was a surveyor in Charles City county in 1714 and a Justice of the Peace, and Burgess in 1723, 1726 and 1730. He married January 27, 1706, Anne, daughter of Richard and Anne (Bowler) Cocke." ( "Major Robert Bolling Jr." on WikiTree, 12/18/2014 ; and "Bolling Family," , 11/5/2004 and 12/18/2014. )

[3] The MonthlyCatalogue was published in London by J. Pemberton, 1723-1730. The London Evening Post began publcation in 1727. The other publications Carter mentions are not readily identified.

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