Robert King Carter's Correspondence and Diary

   A Collection Transcribed
        and Digitized
   by Edmund Berkeley, Jr.

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Letter from Robert Carter to Governor [William] Gooch, [July 8, 1728]

     Robert Carter writes to Governor [William] Gooch, [July 8, 1728], to alert hime that his pipes of wine are being shipped by sloop to Williamsburg landing.

Letter from Robert Carter to Governor [William] Gooch, [July 8, 1728]

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[Corotoman, Lancaster County, Virginia]

[July 8, 1728]

To Govr. Gooch

May it Please yor. Honr. --

     Having rec'd from Capt: Hopkins a good
Character of his Skipper who is come to my house a week sooner
then I Expected I have adventured to Send yor. wine round in his with him
Sloop without yor. orders upon Capt: Hopkins order to him to
Send it up to Wm:Burgh Landing to prevent abuse I have had
it cased in Tobbo: hogsheads and have Sent two pint bottls of the wine
Sealed up with my Seal. The Skipper is a liver in the Country& will
be answerable. A greater care I could not take were it my own, &
will I hope be Satisfactory to your Honr. I am with all Dutifull

              Yor. Honours
                Most Obedient
                    & most humble Servt.


Source copy consulted: Robert Carter Letter Book, 1727 April 13-1728 July 23, Carter Family Papers, Virginia Historical Society, Richmond. This undated letter appears in the letter book with others of this date.

The name of Carter's home, "Corotoman," the county, and colony have been added for clarity to this unheaded draft.

This letter is a followup to one Carter had written Gooch June 29,1728 alerting him to the unexpected arrival of the wine in the colony.

[1] Captain James Hopkins commanded the Mary in 1727-1728. He was then working for London merchant Robert Cary. He is mentioned in Carter's diary. ( Adm. 68/194, found in the microfilms of the Virginia Colonial Records Project, Albert and Shirley Small Special Collections Library, University of Virginia. )

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