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   by Edmund Berkeley, Jr.

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Letter from Robert Carter to William Robertson, July 24, 1727

     Robert Carter writes to William Robertson, the clerk of the Council, July 24, 1727, concerning the governor of North Carolina's letter about prisoners accused of piracy held in that colony, and the necessary preparations for their trial which is to be held in Williamsburg on August 15, 1727. He notes that it may be necessary to hold a Council about that August date to prorogue the Assembly unless the governor has arrived.

Letter from Robert Carter to William Robertson, July 24, 1727

-1 -

[Corotoman, Lancaster County, Virginia]

July the 24th 1727

Wm Robertson

Sr --

     The pascket from the Governor of North Carolina
and yours came to me last night a little before 10 of the Clock, Your guess
at the Contents is so right that I Almost believe you had the per --
usal of the Examinations and Depositions if not of the Governors
Letter, I take it to be your Opinion by your proceeding that this is un
doutedley an Act of Piracy and must be Tried as Such, and In
deed upon perusal reading of the evidences I cannot See how it can be In
terpreted to be a less Crime Otherwise Accordingly I have filled up and Signed
the Warrants I thought it proper to give time Enough, therefore have
Appointed the 15th of next month for holding the Court, As for
the Summons to the Judges I am in some doubt whether there is a
Necessity for my Signing them, if there be you must have them
written and Sent to me by an Express for I would have notice go to all
that are Appointed Judges in this Country, to Summon the Governor
of Carolina or any residing there I can by no means think proper

     I write to the Governor desiring the Assistance
of his Authority to the Marshall for the Secure conveying the prisoners
into this Government also for obliging the Evidences to Attend at the
Tryal, The Latter is his own proposal and there is no doubt he will
take care of a proper Guard also which Seems to me a better way
than to Send our men thither

     A Small part of the Reason of Setting the Court to
so long a Day is that about that time it will be necessary to have a
Council for Prorogueing the Assembly If the Governour does not
arrive before. I send you a Copy of Sir Richards Letter and as Soon as
I can get the Depositions & Examinations written out will Send them --
also pray take care that nothing is wanted that is proper for me
to do I am

Your most humble Servt --


Source copy consulted: Robert Carter letter book, 1727 May-1728 July, Robert Carter Papers (acc. no. 3807), Albert and Shirley Small Special Collections Library, University of Virginia.

The name of Carter's home, the county, and colony have been added for clarity to this unheaded draft.

[1] Sir Richard Everard (1683-1733) was the governor of North Carolina 1725-1731 when that colony was owned by lords proprietors. ("North Carolina Governors" in "North Carolina Encyclopedia" placed online by the State Library of North Carolina. [, 8/4/03] )