Robert King Carter's Correspondence and Diary

   A Collection Transcribed
        and Digitized
   by Edmund Berkeley, Jr.

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Letter from Robert Carter to [James Blair, April 5, 1724]

     Robert Carter writes to an unidentified correspondent, probably James Blair, [April 5, 1724], concerning the vacancy in the post of collector for Potomac River created by the death of Daniel McCarty the previous night. He solicits his correspondent's support for George Eskridge.

Letter from Robert Carter to [James Blair, April 5, 1724]

-1 -

[Corotoman, Lancaster County, Virginia]

Honble Sr --

      Captain McCarty collector of Potomac river
died last night my old and long Acquaintance George
and you know a Constant asserter of our
rights against the late Encroachments has pressed me
Strongly to solicit for the Governours favour to allow
him to Succeed to McCarty's place which I have adven
[ ... ] [tu] red to do and my Letter comes with the bearer vis
[ ... ] [uni] ta fortior
if you think it proper to join a word

-2 -

in my friends favour I shall Esteem it a particular
Obligation to Sr

Your most Devoted humble Servant


Source copy consulted: Robert Carter letter book, 1723 June 16-1724 April 23, Robert Carter Papers (acc. no. 3807), Albert and Shirley Small Special Collections Library, University of Virginia.

The name of Carter's home, the county, and colony have been added for clarity to this unheaded draft.

In another letter probably written the same day as this one, Carter states, "I have wrote a line to the Commissary [James Blair] knowing he is alwayes at hand," and this letter is probably that "line."

This letter appears in Carter's letter book after letter drafts dated at the end of March 1724, and before a letter to Governor Drysdale which is dated April 6, 1724. It appears immediately before another undated letter in which Carter writes that he received a "Lettr: to me at Church this Day which gives me an Accot of Capt McCartys Death last night." All three drafts concern the collector's post then vacant. Further, a perpetual calendar shows that in 1724, April 5th was a Sunday but that May 4th was a Monday.

Most references cite the date of Daniel McCarty's death as 1724 May 4, and cite his tombstone inscription: "Here lyeth the body of Daniel McCarty, who departed this life the fourth of May 1724 in the forty fifth year of his age. He was endowed with many virtues and qualifications, but the actions proceeding therefrom bespeak their praise." (See, for instance, Kukla. Speakers and Clerks. . . . p. 100. The inscription is quoted from an email, 2002 July 30, William M. McCarty to the editor. Dr. McCarty has been working on a book on the McCarty family for some sixty years.)

There is no indication in the minutes of the Council that Eskridge was given the post that Carter sought for him. (McIlwaine. Executive Journals of the Council. . . . , 4[1721-1739]. )

[1] Vis unita fortior means strength united is stronger.

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