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   by Edmund Berkeley, Jr.

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Letter from Robert Carter to Mrs. Mary Colston, August 9, 1723

     Robert Carter responds to a letter from Mrs. Mary Colston, August 9, 1723, concerning her desire to take out a patent on waste and surplus lands in and adjacent to lands originally patented to James Williamson in Richmond County. He explains that waste and surplus lands are patented in different ways, and that he believes that Williamson's orphans should have first chance to patent any surplus in their father's land. He suggests Mrs. Colston consult Colonel Charles Barber as to her claims so that Barber may satisfy Carter about them.

Letter from Robert Carter to Mrs. Mary Colston, August 9, 1723

-1 -

[Corotoman, Lancaster County, Virginia]

Augst. 9th. 1723

Mrs. Maery Colston


     Your's of Yesterdays date hath put me upon
taking a review of Yor. Former Lettrs. to Witt of the 11th & 16 of July last
Yor. designe is If I understand You right to take up all the Surplus lands in
A Pattent for three hundred & fifty Acres Granted to the orphs. of James Willi
as also all the Waste Land between that Pattent Samfords Pat.
& Richardsons Creek, Now You are to Understand these are things of
Different Natures, Surplus Lands are to be taken up in one Method
and Waste Lands in Another, and there ought to be two Entrys and
two Deeds, And If there be Surplus Lands between within the bounds
of the Pattent granted to Williamson's orphs. It Should Seem that
they ought to have the preference before You, The best Advice [I]
can give You, is to Consult Collo. Barber in this Affair who frequ[ently]
comes to our Court, And if he can Sattisfie me, that tis Your r[ight]
to have the preference to these lands, I Shall be willing to go [into]
Measures for confirming them to You, Upon Your pay[ment of]
the fees and Charges, And pray Madm. before I take [ . . . ]

-2 -

let me desire You to consider of the Other parts of my Lettr. & to Vouch=
=safe me a Proper Answer which will be Obligeing to You

Yor. most humble Servt.


Source copy consulted: Robert Carter letter book, 1723 June 16-1724 April 23, Robert Carter Papers (acc. no. 3807), Albert and Shirley Small Special Collections Library, University of Virginia.

"Corotoman," the name of Robert Carter's home, the county, and colony have been added for clarity to this unheaded draft.

[1] Mary Colston, daughter of Francis and Mary [Bathhurst] Meriwether, was the widow of William Colston [d. 1701], the first clerk of Richmond County. (Ryland. Richmond County Virginia. . . . pp. 25-26. )

[2] James Williamson was an early settler in Old Rappahannock County and held a tract of land in what is now Richmond County "on the Rappahannock River just below Balls Creek south of Warsaw." (Miller. Place-Names . . . . . p. 31. )

[3] Charles Barber had been sheriff of Richmond County in 1704 and 1715, and its surveyor in 1721. (McIlwaine. Executive Journals of the Council. . . . , 3[1705-1721]: 271,398, and 540

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