Robert King Carter's Correspondence and Diary

   A Collection Transcribed
        and Digitized
   by Edmund Berkeley, Jr.

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Letter from Robert Carter to John Stark, July 4, 1723

     Robert Carter writes to Glasgow merchant John Stark, July 4, 1723, acknowledging several letters and a sales account from Stark received during the year. Carter complains mildly about the price realized for his tobacco. He reports a bill of exchange drawn on Stark to Micajah Perry, and hopes Stark will not charge for the exchange in London. Captain Samuel Bowman will carry 50 hogsheads of his tobacco and he will ship more if he can have it ready for Will. Read.

Letter from Robert Carter to John Stark, July 4, 1723

-1 -

[Rappahannock, Lancaster County, Virginia]
July the 4th 1723
Mr. Jno Stark -- --    2

     I have recd Sevll Lettrs. from you this Year
the last per Capt Boman bringing the Account of Sales
of my Tobbo., I could wish it had been sold at a farthing
more the pr ice I have been Informed by some was com
mon in your port, my Tobbo was very good I dare
say the most part of it brot home to my Quarters and
there prized and under very good Examination, I had
hopes it would have Merritted the Top price of the
place --

-2 -

     I have occasion to draw for one hundre[d]
pounds of my Money in your hands, and shall
send my bills of Excha to Mr.. Perry hopeing Accor
ding to your proposal you will make paymnt
of it in Lond: without any charge to me for
Excha --

     In Captain Boman I have taken 50 hhds
freight he tells me he shall want more and like
wise that Will. Read in your Concern will want
freight, I shall have a pretty deal to Ship if
I can but get it gatherd together in time, You will
hear further from me by your own Ships I am

Your very humble Servt


Source copy consulted: Robert Carter Letter Book, 1723 July 4-1724 June 11, Carter Family Papers, Virginia Historical Society, Richmond.

Robert Carter generally used a return address of "Rappahannock" for the river on which he lived rather than "Corotoman," the name of his home, on his correspondence, especially to merchants abroad. His usual return address, the county, and colony have been added for clarity to this unheaded draft.

The numeral "2" appearing after Stark's name as the addressee of this letter may mean that two copies were to be prepared.

[1] Stark was a Glasgow merchant.

[2] Captain Samuel Bowman commanded the Lucia. Carter mentioned this vessel in his diary in June 1724, and again on 1726 March 4 when he wrote that she "came in had 20 Weeks Passage."

[3] Read (Reid) is not referred to as "captain" which means he was an official of Stark's firm on a trading vessel who was empowered to do its business in Virginia. He was aboard the Charles, a Glasgow ship that probably was owned by Stark. Carter specifically refers to "the Charles of Glasgow" in a letter to Stark of September 4, 1723 .

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