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        and Digitized
   by Edmund Berkeley, Jr.

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Robert Carter's Copy of an Account of Edmund Jenings with Lady Fairfax, June 20, 1723

     Upon taking a lease on the Northern Neck proprietary in 1720, Robert Carter found that the previous agent, Edmund Jenings, had left his payments of rent not entirely up to date. In this account, Carter and Jenings certify to rent payment made.

Robert Carter's Copy of an Account of Edmund Jenings with Lady Fairfax, June 20, 1723

-1 -

20th. of June

  For Six Years Rent of the Estate}   £   by paid Lady Fairfax by Colonel Jennings}     
  In Virginia at £400 Sterling per annum}   2400     when he was in England for which there}   100 -- --
  Ending Michelmas 1719} -- --      vis a receipt one hundred & odd pounds}     
            by several payments made by Adamson to}        
            Lady Fairfax & her Order Appearing}   1367 -- 13 --
            by bills of exchange paid Colonel Carter for}     
            Six hundred pounds -- -- -- }   600 " -- --
      Errors Excepted               2067 -- 13 --   
  20th of June    E Jenings           To Ballance this Account --   332 -- 7 -- --
                 2400 -- -- --

                             by what is more supposed to be paid by
                             Mr. Adamson one hundred & odd pounds
                             but his Accounts for this do not appear
                             but it is presumed to be so because Colonel Cage
                             by his Letter September 1720 demanded only two Years
                        a Copy Per
                        Robert Carter


Source copy consulted: BR 227, Fairfax Papers, Box 1, Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens, San Marino, California. The document bears original signatures of both Jenings and Carter. The words "a Copy Per" also are in Carter's hand as is indicated by the use of italics.

[1] Catherine Culpeper, widow of the fifth Lord Fairfax (d. 1710); from her father, the 2nd Lord Culpeper, she had inherited about 1689 his five-sixths interest in the Northern Neck Proprietary in Virginia. Lord Fairfax consulted Micajah Perry about the affairs of the Propietary, and Perry had recommended Robert Carter to be the Virginia agent in 1702. He held the post until 1710 when Lady Fairfax transferred the agency to Edmund Jenings with Thomas Lee as the deputy agent. When she died in 1719, she bequeathed her Virginia property to her son Tom, but she made Wiliam Cage and Edward Filmer trustees of the proprietary. Filmer soon died, and Cage, a kinsman of the 6th Lord Fairfax, became the sole trustee. From his grandmother, Margaret Lady Culpeper, the 6th Lord Fairfax inherited the other one-sixth of the Proprietary. Cage consulted Perry, and Robert Carter was again made agent in 1721, holding the post until his death ten years later.

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