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        and Digitized
   by Edmund Berkeley, Jr.

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Letter from Robert Carter to Micajah Perry, November 8,1720

     Robert Carter writes to London merchant Micajah Perry, November8, 1720, granson of Micajah and son of Richard, in response to one ofhis. He reminds Perry that he has been a very good customer ofPerry's family's firm for many years and that "my purpose is ratherto Increase It than otherways." He gives some general instructionsabout the handling of his tobacco sales, and comments negatively onrumors in Virginia that British merchants are talking of "new ways tooppress us. that is to make up pay freigt for all our goods &half perCt. for receiving our bills," which he hopes Perry will nottake up. He adds that he hopes a new ship will be found for CaptainBagwell, and concludes by thanking Perry for sending his respects to"my son in the place of Your father who was his first Friend."

Letter from Robert Carter to MicajahPerry, November 8, 1720

-1 -

Rappa [hannock, LancasterCounty, Virginia]
November 8.17 [20]
Mr. Micajah Perry -- --

     I have already written pretty
largelyin answer to Your fathers Letter but hav=
=ing one from You of the 20th of June thot [sic] It
but decent to give You thisparticular
Answer. As to lodging a Grievance for the
selling out my Stock upon the Appearance
of anExtraordinary advantage I have al
=ready fully answerd thatmatter. You
are so kind to promise me You will exert
Your utmost in the dispose of my Tobacco one
thing I begg [sic] of You to avoid in my Concern That
isthese lingering Sales I have not now one
hogshead of the Cropbefore the last [in any ?][ . . . ]
manshandsin London but Your [father's? ]
for a long number? ] of years a large share of
businesswith Your family. & my purpose is rather
to Increase It thanotherways I hope you'll rank
me in the Number of one of Your first rate friends
this Year I have made a fine Crop ofchoice Tobacco
which I resolve to manage with the Utmost Niceness
to Make You Capable of selling It at the Top of
the Markett [sic] , when we are to Expect our ships
have no Account from You. It is said You have resolved
among Yors.selves not to fit out Your Ships until the
last month & tis [sic] also taulkt [sic] You are falling into
new ways tooppress us. that is to make up pay freight
for all our goods & half percent for receiving our
bills but I hope You will not Chyme [sic] with them in
these Measures Bell &Dee is said to be very
forward in these Contrivances but theirCharacter

-2 -

runs very low here. We had a vast loss in the
Trade by thedeath of Your Father, who we
are told always refused to come into these new tricks
& indeed Your business is [ . . . ] It. We have no account
Yett [sic] what Youintend to do with Captain Bagwe ll
about a newship for him which several Gentleman here
were brought to subscribe for upon his producing a
Letter from Your family & cant think You will
drop himat last. Your respects to my son
in the place of Your father whowas his first
Friend will be an obliging favour which
shallbe all at present from

Your most humble Servant


Source copy consulted: Robert CarterLetter Book, 1720 July-1721 July, BR 227, Huntington Library, ArtCollections, and Botanical Gardens, San Marino, California. Printed:Wright. Letters of Robert Carter. . .. pp. 57-58.

Robert Carter generally used a return address of"Rappahannock" for the river on which he lived rather than"Corotoman," the name of his home, on his correspondence, especiallyto merchants abroad. The county and colony have been added forclarity.

[1] Carter addresses Micajah Perry III (1695-1753),son of Richard Perry (d. 1720) and grandson of Micajah Perry (1641-1721). (Price. Perry of London. . . . )

[2] This may be Thomas Bagwell of the Levett . (McIlwaine. Executive Journals of the Council. . . . , 3(1705-1721): 15. )

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