Robert King Carter's Correspondence and Diary

   A Collection Transcribed
        and Digitized
   by Edmund Berkeley, Jr.

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Letter from Robert Carter to John Carter, July 23, 1720

     Robert Carter writes to his son John, then in London, July 23,1720, to make peace with him over John's excessive spending, notingthat he will pay the expenses of John's call to the bar, that he hasordered Mr. Perry to pay the tailor's bill, and hoping that John willmake the best use of his time to study before returning to Virginia.He also chides John about paying more attention to his youngerbrothers, also in England at school.

Letter from Robert Carter to John Carter, July 23, 1720

-1 -

Rappahannock, [LancasterCounty, Virginia]
July 23d. 1720

Dear Son John -- --

     I have lately received Your Letters in Mr. Perrys
Packet of April Date In which You make merepeated
promises to retrench Your Expenses to reduce them to
the bounds I have set You That is to takeno more
from Mr. Perry Than £37"10S per Quarter Except

-2 -

The Charge of calling You to the bar, Youlikewise pro=
mise mea Strict Improvement of Your time that You have
to spend in England by a Close applycation [sic] to Your Study,
May Heavenkeep You Fixed to this resolution with out
Wavering. It will prove a Cordialat Your Heart all
The Days of Your Life upon these hopes I Shallpass
over what is past, according to Your desire andhave ordered Mr. Perry to pay Your
Tailors bill of Fifty oddpound, Your relations here
are in health, all that are capable Ibelieve write
to You themselves, pray to take a little more care
of Your Brothers in England, The rest is to beg Gods
blessing upon Youand to Subscribe


Source copy consulted: Robert CarterLetter Book, 1720 July-1721 July, BR 227, Huntington Library, ArtCollections, and Botanical Gardens, San Marino, California. Printed:Wright. Letters of Robert Carter. . .. p. 37

Robert Carter generally used a return address of"Rappahannock" for the river on which he lived rather than"Corotoman," the name of his home, on his correspondence, especiallyto merchants abroad. The county and colony have been added forclarity.

[1] John Carter's younger brothers, Robert (1704-1732), Charles (1707-1764), and Landon (1710-1778), were then inEngland for their education. (Greene. TheDiary of Colonel Landon Carter. . . . , p. 3. )

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