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January 10, 1708
Draft of Unsent Letter from Robert Bristow to Robert Carter, January 10,1708

     Robert Bristow writes from London to Robert Carter, January 10, 1708, informing Carter that he has inherited from his father several properties in Virginia including plantations on Mobjack Bay and Fleets Bay. Nathaniel Burwell and Major Lewis are going to inventory the Mobjack Bay property for him and he enquires if Carter would do the same for that on Fleets Bay. Bristow's "near relation" Arthur Bailey (married to Bristow's aunt) is going to manage the Mobjack Bay property, and he requests that Carter hold his power of attorney to act in Virginia; he wishes to know what fee Carter would charge for this service. Although this draft is marked "not sent," Bristow was to write Carter in 1718 about his Fleets Bay plantation, then under the management of Thomas Booth of York County.

Draft of Unsent Letter from Robert Bristow to Robert Carter, January10, 1708

the 10th January 1707 [08]

Mr. Robert Carter


     By the death of my honoured Grandfather RobertBristow Senior Esquire
my Father being dead above a year since:Those plantations, & that
Estate that he had in Virginia become mine -- Bequeathedindeed to
me per Will, the Copy of which attested per Notary Public is sent to
Mr Nath[ani] ll Burwell son to Major Lewis Burwell I was advised
per some Friends ofmine to desire him wth Major Lewis to take an
Inventory of whatis upon Mockjackbay plantation as being
Neighbours to it, & also to inform themselves what Condition the Land is
in what quantity ofNegroes & Servants there were Their Ages
& Sexes, & whither it were out of repair & what was to be done to repair
it & whither it required more Negroes. But upon thereturn of my
near relation Arthur Bailey Esquire from Holland , I consulted wth
him about myFleets bay plantation & advised withhim what
ought to be done there -- He told me he would take the care &
trouble of it from me& would desire You to stand my Friend so
much as to inspect tht. which is near you &withall assured me he
would write to you upon the Same Subject wch I have all the reason
in theworld to think he has done -- Now if I may find so much
favour from You as to do that in fleets baywch I have desired other
Gentlemen to do in Mockjackbay, I shall always esteemmy
self to be very much obliged to You -- If I might not presume
upon You I would beg thefavour of You to represent me in Virginia
by being my Attorney, not only to oversee that Plantation in Fleets Bay
but when I shall have an acct of my stock next Year that also
in Mockjackbay. if You pleaseto accept it next Year I shall
send you a power -- I did in General write Mr Burwell& Mr
Lewis to inspect all my Plantations In Virginia -- but presuming
upon Your doing methe Favour as to inspect the Fleets Bay plantation wch
is near You, & far from them; I have wrote thm &desired them only
to charge thmselves wth the Inventorying &c of the Mockjackbay plantation
Imust now think of putting the direction & management of them
into the hands of one thtwill make my case his owne, & as such a
one Sir I address to You -- If You please to giveYourself the
trouble of doing it Let me know what annual Acknowledgement I
must make You I wish Iwere capable of doing You any
Service here in England . none should be more thn Sir &c

R [obert] B [ristow]

Not sent


Source copy consulted: Business Records, Robert Bristow Letterbook, 1705-1737, 1746-1750 (Acc #22953), Archives Research Services, Library of Virginia, Richmond, 41b. This is a draft of a letter marked in the margin "Not sent" but it is included because there is one other extant letter to Carter from Bristow about his Fleets Bay plantation; see the letter dated October 20, 1718. Bristow placed his Virginia property under the management of Thomas Booth of York County in 1709.

[1] Mobjack Bay is at the east end of Gloucester County, and opens from Chesapeake Bay.

[2] Fleets Bay is at the east end of Northumberland County not far from Corotoman.

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