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        and Digitized
   by Edmund Berkeley, Jr.

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Letter from Robert Carter to [Lt. Gov. Alexander Spotswood],August 12, 1720

     Robert Carter writes to the lieutenant governor, AlexanderSpotswood, August 12, 1720, responding to his appointment as militiacommander for Lancaster and Northumberland counties, pointing out toSpotswood that many of those who are selected as subalterns will notaccept the commissions unless they know who their captains are to be,and further, because a number of them either cannot write or do so"very Indifferently," obtaining the lists of their men will be slowat best. He concludes that "I Shall do my best to follow Your honrs.Instrucs. according to there plainest meaning, & Study to approvemy Self."

Robert Carter to [Lt. Gov. AlexanderSpotswood ], August 12,1720

-1 -

Lancaster Co. [Virginia]
Friday Morning. Augt. 12th. 1720

May It Please Your Honor

     I received Your Commission for the Command of
the Militia of Lancaster & Northumberland Countys last Night with
the Packett [sic] accompanying It, & Shall use my best Endeavour
In puttingYour Instructions into Due Execution, The greatest
Difficultywith me at present Seems that it is to bedoubted that
Some many of the properest men for theseSubaltern Commissions
will go neer to refuse unless they knewwho were to be
their Captain and there are several of them that cant write or but
veryIndifferently, so that unless I repair to the former Superior
officers, The getting the men listed will be attended with agreat
Deal of Delay & not be well done at last, however
I Shall do my best to follow Your honrs. instructions according
to there plainest meaning, & Study to approve mySelf

Your honours most obedien t
& most humble Servant


Source copy consulted: Robert CarterLetter Book, 1720 July-1721 July, BR 227, Huntington Library, ArtCollections, and Botanical Gardens, San Marino, California. Printed:Wright. Letters of Robert Carter. . .. p. 43.

It is clear from the text of this unaddressed draft letterthat it was intended for the colony's governor, AlexanderSpotswood.

[1] Alexander Spotswood (1646-1740)was the lieutenant governor from 1710 to 1722, and remainedin the colony after his term.

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