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   by Edmund Berkeley, Jr.

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July 20, 1710
Letter from Robert Carter to John Goodwin, 1710 July 20

     Robert Carter writes to London merchant John Goodwin, July 20,1710, that he must once again take up the affairs of the estate ofRalph Wormeley although the sons are now in charge of their affairs.He reminds Goodwin that in an account current of September 3, 1708,Goodwin had reported that the estate had a balance with him of morethan 182 pounds against which Carter had drawn only one small billfor four pounds to Doctor Lomax. He chastises Goodwin for not havingcredited young Ralph Wormeley with this large balance, and further,for his failure to pay a small bill sent by Ralph forcing Ralph todraw a new bill and pay the fees. He adds that even with the goodssent this year, Goodwin remains in debt to Ralph about 90 pounds andthat "I order & now desire you to" give the sons "the ballance ofthe aforesd account to the Credit of their next account, Currt." Heconcludes that Goodwin ought to make good the fees incurred by Ralphon the protested bill.

Letter from Robert Carter to John Goodwin, July 20, 1710

-1 -

Rappa [hannock, LancasterCounty, Virginia]

July 20 1710

Mr. Jno. Goodwin

     My last to you relating to Esqr. Wormeley's
Estate bore dateSeptember the 25 1708, I then
told you the young men being come to ages of
discretion,had taken upon them the Goverment of
their own affairs, and that I should be no further
concern'd therein. In your last account Current
of that Estate to me bearing date the 3>Septem:
:ber 1707 you make yourself indebted to them
one hundred eighty two pounds one Shilling & three
pence halfpenny, out of wch. Icannot remember I
[m] ade the least use excepting fourpound ten
[sh] illings payable to Docter Lomax , notwithstand
[ing whi] ch you have givenmy Cousin Ralph
[Wor] meley no Credit for this money, nor so much
[as] take any notice of it inyour Account to him
bearing date of the 20th. of February last,nay
[it] is pretty extraordinary you charge him D[ebto] r wth
[you] for nine pounds paid to Mr. Pratt , when the bill is
[re] turnd protested & he forct to pay it over agin,
wth. 15 per Ct. damages when at the same time adjusting
everything even the payment of the goods you have this
year sent them, you will be indebted to that
Estate near aboutninety one hundred pounds, these things
the young Wormeley's havedesired me to note to you,
and that you will carry the ballance of the
aforesd account to theCredit of their next account, Currt wch.
accordingly Iorder & now desire you to do, they
being since they came to age the properExecutrs
of their father'sEstate, & I think in justice you
ought to make good the damage upon that
protested bill, wch. is all I shall add from but

Yor humbleServt.


Source copy consulted: Christ ChurchParish, Lancaster County, Processioners' Returns, 1711-1783, andWormeley Estate Papers, 1701-1710, 1716, Acc. 30126, ArchivesResearch Services, Library of Virginia, Richmond, 180. Thecomplimentary close is in Carter's hand as noted by the use ofitalics.

Robert Carter generally used a return address of"Rappahannock" for the river on which he lived rather than"Corotoman," the name of his home, on his correspondence, especiallyto merchants abroad. The county and colony have beenadded for clarity.

[1] Probably John Pratt, a London merchant.

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